Tribes of the Northeast

The Blackthorns
most influenced by the Institute and the
Commonwealth to the east. In fact, the Institute
actively use them as a buffer. They are savage,
but well armed, with clubs and energy weapons
given by the Institute.

The Cochecton are a traditional tribe, ruled by
a matriarchal council, and kinship is matrilineal.
They tend to be friendly to outsiders, seeing them
as potential allies, but hostile to the Institutebacked

Chenango to the northwest prefer to keep
a distance from all other tribes and communities.
They are a traditional, patrilineal tribe, and have
an active primitive religion, with a strong history of
shunning civilization following the Great War.

Mowhawk are group “backed” by new hebron
For weapons and food the tribal get weapons and
Protect the interest of new hebron.

Tribes of the Northeast

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