Faith of the waste.


The Electric Father of he creator of everything
Be’alza-Gates, the acolyte of Satansoft
Heavenly Ampere, the god of vision and far seeing.
Holy Ohm, the god of judgement
Panasonica, lord of the Eternal Assembly (Rebirth and creation)
Saint Di Ode, the god of protection
Saint Sony, the god of vision
Satansoft, the god of evil technology and lord of the Tech-Underworld

TLDR Learn from the past, honor the tech. Some tech is evil.

Scrap god.
When your stuck without water and suddenly open a trunk with 6 pack of Nuke-a-cola. Little bit more than “lady luck” but they have no church or real following.
The Fates.
Many in the waste view their lot in life as a cruel twist of fate. they could of been born in a vault they could also not of gotten bitten by a rad roach. They see life as balance when good fortune comes you must give up something of value or risk misfortune.

Faith of the waste.

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